Neuclo K6

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Neuclo mobile phones features visionary creative & minimalist design

Neuclo is a British brand of high-end affordable smartphones that are often characterised by simplicity, minimalism and solidness.

neuclo k6

Sharp and Vivid

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SD100 features 6.088 inch HD super all screen display with super narrow bezels occupies nearly the entire front panel, offering a much broader, more immersive multimedia experience.


SD200 is equipped with an advanced curved AMOLED screen. Compared to traditional screens, it offers a wider vision, a higher refresh rate to smoothen your experience while being much thinner.


With its massive 6.3'' display that sports a 720*1560 full screen resolution and joyful immersive visual experience, Neuclo SD300 pictures more details than usual smartphones.

Neuclo M7.

Innovation on full display

narrow bezels

Neuclo SD100 features 6.088 inch HD super all screen display.

Trusted by media

Neuclo has done it again, producing smartphones with almost its rivals’ high-end features.

Neuclo makes great smartphones with lots of good functions and beautiful craftsmanship.